What do most people living on earth dream of? Someone wants to be rich and famous, someone wants to build a dizzying career, and someone needs Ferrari and an elite cottage to be happy. But at the same time, everyone dreams of meeting their half and spending the rest of their lives with this person. This is necessary for both women and men. Everyone needs a person who will understand you, share your interests and strive for common dreams.

But how to find the one with whom you can build strong and reliable relationships and maybe make her your lithuanian bride? Of course, most prefer more traditional methods. For example, to get acquainted in general companies, at work or in entertainment venues. But the modern rhythm of life is so intense that many simply do not have time for meetings, communication and long recognition of each other. And what to do? Is it really necessary to bury your dream of family happiness just because of the heavy workload? Not at all. That is why dating services are created. After all, think for yourself - how convenient it is, that you can establish personal life without breaking away from the working and creative process.

Why do people choosing online dating?

In addition to significant time savings, there are other reasons why users prefer dating services more than real meetings.

Virtual communication helps someone to cope with self-doubt and overcome complexes. After all, you can put your best photo on your profile, hiding your flaws. In this case, the person remains himself, not hiding his real interests and character traits. After all, if you did not agree with the interlocutor, you can always stop communication without any consequences. For those who are particularly shy, this is also an additional opportunity to improve their communication skills.

Dating service is a great opportunity to find people who are close in spirit. Not only for serious relationships, but also just for the soul. Those with similar interests and many common topics for discussion. You can use this virtual platform as an additional leisure opportunity. Even those who have non-standard hobbies can meet like-minded people.

On the Internet, you can drop all masks and frames established by social norms. The ability to be yourself is what virtual space attracts the most. There is no fear of condemnation, because everyone is equal on the net.

Well, the most important reason, of course, is that the dating site significantly expands the boundaries and geography. You can meet your lithuanian bride who lives on the other side of the planet. You must admit that off the Internet such a meeting would hardly have been possible. For many lithuanian brides, such portals become real trips to life. After all, you can break out of the depths and leave to meet a dream and a happy family life. With the help of dating services, a fairy tale can become a reality.

How do the acquaintance sites work?

The first step that you must take on the path to personal happiness is, of course, to register on a dating platform. Then the fun begins - finding the right partner. With the help of various filters and selected parameters, you find profiles of various people and start communication. Well, then, if communication develops successfully, you move to the real world and meet live. The beauty of virtual dating is not only that it is much easier to overcome the barrier of constraint, but also that additional ways are available to show sympathy. For example, you can put a “like” mark or even send a virtual gift. This is a great opportunity to start a conversation with the object of sympathy.

Can you trust the acquaintance sites?

When you are just a beginner in the world of virtual dating, at first you are overcome by a lot of doubts and questions. This distrust is fully justified, because you do not see the person you are talking to, you cannot look him in the eye. It is difficult to assess the risks and opportunities provided. Of course, not all dating services can be trusted. But still there are ways to make sure that a certain Internet service is honest.

Firstly, on some dating platforms, all posted profiles belong to real people. There are no fakes and blank pages, just to create the imaginary visibility of a large number of users. You can verify this if during registration several stages of identification are carried out, including requesting a phone number for confirmation by SMS code. On such services, moderators usually carefully monitor the activity of all registered users. In case of a long absence from the network, you will not be offered this profile for review or simply deleted from the portal database.

Secondly, you need to carefully study the reviews. As a rule, you should trust those services about which many positive feedback has been collected. People share their dating stories and further development of relationships. Due to the large number of positive stories, this Internet portal has a rather high rating.

Thirdly, each user profile should be quite extensive. In addition to standard data on age and social status, it is desirable that information on hobbies, preferences, and life priorities be contained. With the help of this, you can ask an advanced search for a candidate and assess in advance whether you will have something in common with your interlocutor or whether it is better to continue searching.

Beware of scams and fakers!

Currently, millions of people use the Internet to find a partner for themselves. Dating sites, for example, such as LinkU, can boast of success in matching pairs using personality tests and similarity of interests (in addition to visual attractiveness). In this article, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of dating sites.

Of the advantages, the following factors can be noted:

  • A chance to talk with people you would never meet in real life, because you don’t know if a person is single or married. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of such sites. Many simply don’t have time in the real world to sort all the random people they meet every day. Online dating eliminates these difficulties by acting as a kind of hub for single people.
  • Save time. Online dating is a salvation for busy people. Communication on such sites helps to find like-minded people who are also interested in finding love. This in itself will save you a ton of time. In addition, by choosing the filter function, you can quickly find who you are looking for.
  • Less fear of failure. Many people like to think of themselves as a fearless and courageous person, but the fear that you will be rejected is a fairly standard fear for the average person. Online dating takes place in a more relaxed atmosphere, as all people registered there understand that this is just the selection of a suitable candidate. You also can not worry about being rejected by someone, because you will not see the “offender” in everyday life.
  • A large number of potential partners. Dating sites bring together thousands of single people who are interested in meeting a new person. The speed of the Internet and the ability to publish individual profiles make the search for potential partners very fast compared to random meetings in real life.

Having considered the main advantages, you can go to the disadvantages:

  • Distance. The distance barrier that exists when communicating on the Internet saves from many undesirable situations, but for dating sites this is a minus, as a large number of people find a loved one who lives very far from him. This situation leads to difficulties if you want to meet him. On the other hand, each dating site has some kind of distance filter that you can use to make sure that you only see people who are relatively close to you.
  • Insecurity. This factor is the biggest problem in online dating. You should always be careful when communicating on the Internet. Fortunately, most dating sites protect your sensitive data and provide security tips. Taking these steps is as easy as keeping your home address secret. If your first dates will be held in a public place, then you can feel safe. Online dating sites have also increased the level of protection for registered people, requiring additional documentation for new members, which makes it difficult to switch to casual users.l
  • Price. Almost all good online dating sites are paid, so you have to spend a little extra money. On the other hand, membership fees on online dating sites are quite affordable for most people. Compared to the time spent and the problems associated with the safety of online dating, these amounts are minimal. With so many sites, at least you can try many for free to make sure you like the resource before making any payment.
  • Not enough information. When you meet and talk with people from an online dating site, you don’t know much about a person, except what he wrote in the “About Me” column. You are not familiar with his friends and cannot ask about it. The only way to overcome this shortcoming is not to rush to an appointment, but to talk with a person longer.

Unfortunately, it happens that not only good people come across the path. Despite the work of the service to check and identify fraudsters, sometimes there are cases of a non-respectful attitude. To improve the quality of user service, there is a 24/7 chat of support, which the site management encourages you to contact in case of an incorrect situation.

For example, if during a conversation a user starts tricking money or personal information (number, passport series; insurance number and other documents) into fraud, you must immediately inform the support chat about this. Professional moderators will once again additionally check this user and, if fraud is confirmed, his profile will be deleted from the site’s catalog. Each self-respecting site takes care of its reputation and the safety of all registered members. Therefore, employees make every effort so that communication and dating on this platform are only positive. We encourage all users to interact with them and report any inappropriate incidents. Thus, the selected dating platform is only getting better.

Do not forget about vigilance at a time when communication ceases to be virtual and goes to a new level - real meetings begin. Perhaps you did not have such a long correspondence, and you have not yet recognized the person enough. If so, make an appointment in a crowded place during the day. So you will protect yourself if suddenly a new acquaintance is not a respectable citizen. Also, do not bring new people to your home on the first day of a real meeting. This precaution will protect you and your property.

How to meet the most suitable person on the dating site?

Now that you have already realized how important and useful an online dating service is, we will give you some recommendations on how to make your stay on the dating platform more productive.

  • Focus on your positive features. Filling out the form, tell about yourself in the brightest colors. Describe in detail your positive sides, unusual interests and hobbies. Imagine that you are looking for work, and you need to make sure that your resume is noticed by the employer. The same thing on a dating service. Your profile should cling and cause a desire to chat.
  • Clearly state your desires and priorities. You must clearly describe your ideal life partner. And also note what kind of relationship you are looking for. Thus, you will significantly narrow your search by eliminating partners who are obviously not suitable.
  • Pay attention to the design of the profile. Do not add the first photo you get or a momentary selfie to your phone. It is better to lay out the most successful and beautiful shot. Do not forget the famous phrase "meet by clothes." On a dating platform, this rule works reinforced concrete.
  • At the first time, when you just register on the portal, be prepared for a very large number of offers to communicate. Do not waste precious time answering absolutely everyone. It is necessary to choose from such a huge variety only those candidates who really hook and attract attention. A self-respecting site does not post profiles without photos. But if such an anonymous user slipped through the identification system, then it is still better to ignore it. Good communication with such a person is unlikely to work out.
  • Do not immediately disseminate your personal data. It is better not to tell the number of a mobile phone or page on other social networks to all new acquaintances. It is worth talking for a longer time and gain confidence in your interlocutor.
  • Don’t ignore the extra features that a dating site provides. For example, video chatting will help you to know better the lithuanian bride you are talking to and trust her more. A virtual gift will be a great way to make contact and show sympathy.
  • And most importantly - do not be afraid to get a refusal. Virtual communication is wonderful because if something doesn’t stick, you can stop it without consequences and easily meet a new person.

To summarize all of the above, it is worth adding that a dating site is a unique opportunity provided by the world of modern digital technologies. With the help of it, so many people on Earth have found their personal happiness despite time and distance. Every day, lonely hearts from different parts of the planet find their soulmate and create strong alliances. Just believe that it’s real, and really real. Trust your heart and intuition, and you will surely find your lithuanian bride on the net.